1895 Print over 100 years old Aberdovey Town & Bay


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Old print photograph out of a book, the edition was dated 1895.

The page is over 100 years old and in very good condition.

In order to enhance and protect the page we have set in within a bespoke frame and mount.

Frame size 400mm x 370mm, available also in just a gold frame, your choice.  RTC.133.

Entitled -Aberdovey.

Below the picture an inscription read:  

Aberdovey – This lovely resort takes its name from its unrivalled position at the mouth (in Welsh, “Aber”) of the River Dovey.

It is a delightfully situated port and watering-place on Cardigan Bay.

The chief attractions are its firm sands, which extend for five or six miles, and the mild and equable climate, which rivals that of Torquay or Bournemouth.

Aberdovey faces the west, and the air is so balmy, yet invigorating, that the tender myrtle will grow out of doors all the year round.

In the season, pleasure boats are in great demand among visitors for sailing and rowing on the estuary of the Dovey, which affords one of the most convenient and safe places in Wales for boating.

This is because the beach from the harbour to Penhelig Point – a distance of over half a mile – enables one to land at all states of the tide.

At low water, by the way, Borth may be reached across the sands.

Charming walks abound in the neighbourhood, the Happy Valley being the most frequented; and we have no hesitation in saying that this particular spot is matchless for beauty, even in picturesque Wales.

The ever-enterprising Cambrian Railways Company brings many other delightful excursions within the reach of visitors making Aberdovey their head-quarters; and the company has spent a considerable amount of money in providing harbour and pier accommodation for all kinds of vessels.

We hold no special brief for the Cambrian Railways, but we can confidently recommend the lovely places on their system to the notice of those who contemplate a new departure in the way of holiday-making, and who are desirous of sojourning cheaply and well in the very heart of the most beautiful scenery in the United Kingdom. 

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