1895 Print over 100 years old Boston The Mall (also available unframed)


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Antique print dated 1895.

The page is over 115 years old and in good condition.

In order to enhance and protect the page we have set in within a bespoke frame and mount.

Frame size 400mm x 370mm. available also in a 
gold frame, your choice.  RtW.207.

Entitled – Boston. The Mall. 

Below the picture an inscription reads:

Boston. – The famous Harvard University is situated in Cambridge, an academic city, with 70,028 inhabitants, lying on the north bank of the Charles River, opposite Boston proper, with which it is connected by several bridges traversed by electric and other tramways.

The College was founded in 1636, mainly with a legacy of £800, and bequeathed for the purpose by the Rev. John Harvard, a graduate of Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

There are now 2,900 students, taught by 290 professors and instructors.

As a literary centre, Boston was long supreme in the United States, and still disputes the palm with New York.

A list of its distinguished litrary men would be long indeed, but it may not be invidious to mention Hawthorne, Emerson, Longfellow, Whittier, Howells, Franklin, and Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Franklin was born at No. 7, Milk Street; and Dr. Holmes’s house was No. 296, Beacon Street.

In proportion to its population, Boston is, perhaps, the wealthiest city in American, its total valuation in 1892 being 911,000,000dols.

The Soldiers’ Monument, on a hill near the centre of the Common, was designed by Martin Milmore, and erected between 1871 and 1877.

It stands near the site of the famous Old Elm, which, was older than the city, and was blown down in 1876.

The adjoining sheet of water is known as the Frog Pond.

On the Mall, abutting on Tremont Street, is a monument to Crispus Attucks and others killed in the Boston massacre.

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