1895 Print over 100 years old Foochow the River Min (also available unframed)


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Antique print dated 1895.

The page is over 115 years old and in good condition.

Set within a brown frame with mount.

Frame size circa 350mm x 390mm

 RtW. 178.

Entitled – Foochow. The River min, and the Great Bridge. 

Below the picture an inscription reads:

Foochow. – After leaving the Island of Amoy, which is 300 miles from Hong Kong, the next Treaty Port we come to is Foochow, which was opened to foreign commerce in 1842.

This is the capital of the Chinese province of Fu-chien, or Fokien, and contains 636,000 inhabitants.

Foochow is beautifully situated on the River Min, about 30 miles from its mouth.

The town is encircled by walls nearly 30ft. high and 10ft. wide at the top; it is one of the principal tea markets and mission stations of China.

On the island three miles down the river is a great arsenal and dockyard, managed by Europeans.

The British officials are established at Pagoda Island, nine miles farther along.

Foochow was bombarded by the French in 1884.

In our photograph is seen the great stone bridge, which here spans the river; this bridge is supported on 33 arches and is upwards of 2,000ft. in length.

The city has an important suburb extending to the River Min.

The river here is thronged with floating houses; and the traveller will also notice the villas of the foreign residents, half-hidden in the dense foliage of the hill-side; this hill, by the way, is partly covered with graves, and at night the fitful glow of the chair-bearers’ lamps among the trees complete a weird picture in this remote region.

Excursions are taken up the river to the Paeling tea plantations and the Yuan-fu Monastery, which lies on a hill 2,500ft. high, among some of the prettiest scenery in the world.

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