1895 Print over 100 years old Milford Sound Girt Water (also available unframed)


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Antique print dated 1895.

The page is over 115 years old and in good condition.

In order to enhance and protect the page we have set in within a bespoke frame and mount.

Frame size 400mm x 370mm. available also in a 
gold frame, your choice.  RtW.255.

Entitled – Milford Sound. A Glimpse of the Mountain-Girt Waters. 

From a Photo by Burton Bros., Dunedin.

Below the picture an inscription reads:

Milford Sound. – The overland route from Te Anau to the Great Sutherland Falls and Milford Sound is the latest development of tourist travel in New Zealand, and is without doubt the finest known stretch of scenery in the whole length and breadth of this picturesque land.

The Government have done much to make the route practicable by clearing tracks and building foot-bridges and huts; but as the journey, although not a long one (16 miles to the Falls and 28 to Milford Sound), is over very rough country, and must perforce be done on foot, carrying provisions and other necessaries, it should be only attempted by those in robust health.

Leaving the Government Hut at the head of Lake Te Anau, the route lies up the Clinton Valley and rises 1,300ft. in the eleven miles to Lake Eleanor; then it ascends another 1,000ft. in a mile and a quarter to McKinnon’s Pass, 3,000ft. above the sea-level, after which it descends 2,250ft. in the next two and a quarter miles to Beech Hut, from whence it is a mile or so of comparatively easy going to the Falls – which, by the way, are 1,904ft. high, consequently, the highest in the world.

From Beech Hut it is twelve miles to Milford, four miles of which are done by boat, down Lake Ada.

One traveller, speaking of this picturesque region, says : “The  scene was one of unparalleled grandeur.  We found ourselves in a chasm a mile or so wide : on each side stupendous walls of black granite reared their frowning precipices from 3,000ft. to 4,000ft. high, while away aloft, still higher, rose mighty, snow-capped mountain-peaks, whose majestic summits seemed to touch the very sky.  A most luxurious vegetation, too, filled the valley to overflowing, spreading itself over the face of the precipitous cliffs wherever it could find a foothold, and also in a thousand places where no foothold seemed possible.”

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