1895 Print over 100 years old Rotterdam View of Town (also available unframed)


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Antique print dated 1895.

The page is over 115 years old and in good condition.

In order to enhance and protect the page we have set in within a bespoke frame and mount.

Frame size 400mm x 370mm. available also in a 
gold frame, your choice.  RtW.15.

Entitled – Rotterdam. General View of the Town.

Below the picture an inscription reads:

Rotterdam. – One may briefly express the chief characteristics of Holland that strike the foreigner  :  they are, canals and cleanliness.

The chief canals are 60ft. wide and 6ft. deep.

Windmills are to be seen on the bastions and ramparts; they have huge sails, sometimes 60ft. long, and are used for grinding corn, sawing timber, cutting tobacco, and pumping superfluous water into the proper channels.

Many of the public buildings are considerably out of the perpendicular, owing to the soft soil on which they are built.

Cleanliness is a sort of monomania with the Dutch, and such appalling scrubbing, washing, and polishing goes on in the household every week, that the foreigner is apt to pity the male folk.

Rotterdam is built in a triangular form, the base nearest the river.

There are as many canals as streets.

Opposite the town the river is between 30ft. and 40ft. deep, and is bordered with fine quays.

Many of the houses are quaint old gabled places, overhanging their foundations.

The Central Prison of the Netherlands is here.

There are some fine buildings along the canals, several market-places, a town-hall, court-house, Government dockyards, arsenal, and rope-walks.

The Groote Kerk, or Church of St. Laurens, was finished in 1472.

The tower, consisting of three broad and tapering stories, is 210ft. high, and is mounted by 326 steps.

The church organ contains 90 stops and 6,000 pipes.

The Groote Market, chiefly constructed on vaulting over the canal, contains a bronze statue of Erasmus of Rotterdam.

The English church in Haringvliet, originally built by the Duke of Marlborough during his command in the Netherlands, has been successively used as a barracks, an armoury, and an hospital. 

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