1895 Print over 100 years old The Rigi Viznau (also available unframed)


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Antique print dated 1895.

The page is over 115 years old and in good condition.

In order to enhance and protect the page we have set in within a bespoke frame and mount.

Frame size 400mm x 370mm. available also in a 
gold frame, your choice.  RtW.67.

Entitled – The Rigi, Viznau.  Ascending the Rigi from Viznau. 

From a Photo by Stengel & Markert, Dresden.

Below the picture an inscription reads:

The Rigi, Viznau. – The Rigi consists of a group of mountains about twenty-five miles in circumference, very precipitous on the north side, while on the south side are broad terraces and gentle slopes covered with pastures, which support about 4,000 head of cattle.

It is customary to make the ascent from Viznau, for this route affords a succession of beautiful views all the way up.

This latter village is reached by steamer from Lucerne in 1 and three-quarter hours.

The Rigi Railway is on the rack and pinion system; each train consists of a single carriage containing fifty-four seats, and it is pushed up – not drawn up – by the locomotive at a speed of four or five miles an hour.

The Rigi proper is 5,905ft. above the Lake of Lucerne, and its base is clothed with fig, almond, and chestnut trees, as is seen in our illustration above.

Owing to its isolated position, the Rigi commands a view no less than 300 miles in circumference.

The Rigi railway station is close to the quay at Viznau, and the train, after passing through the village, skirts the precipitous slopes of the Dossen.

Presently the lake comes into view, and the scenery becomes grander as we rise.

Opposite us first appears the dark Burgenstock; then the Stanserhorn, Pilatus, and Lucerne; a little higher up the Alps of Uri, Engelberg, and Bern become visible above the lower mountains.

Twenty minutes after leaving the station, the train penetrates a tunnel 82yds. long and crosses the Schnurtobel ravine, 75ft. deep, by a bridge borne on five iron pillars.

Past the Rigi-Staffel, at an altitude of 5,262ft., the railway ascends steeply to the Kulm, 5,905ft. high, the summit of the mountain.

The hotels are 130 paces below, sheltered from the winds.

At sunrise, and again at sutset, people staying at the hotels are summoned to the wooden belvidere on top of the Rigi by a leather-lunged performer on the Alpine horn.

This is in order that no person may miss the views at these moments.

Visitors rush forth at sunrise from the hotels in strange garb.

Gradually is the sublime panorama unfolded, including as it does the stupendous range of the snow-clad Alps, 120 miles long.

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