1895 Print over 100 yrs old Monte Video Panorama View (also available unframed)


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Antique print dated 1895.

The page is over 115 years old and in good condition.

In order to enhance and protect the page we have set in within a bespoke frame and mount.

Frame size 400mm x 370mm. available also in a 
gold frame, your choice.  RtW.233.

Entitled – Monte Video. Panorama from the Hill.  

Below the picture an inscription reads:

 Monte Video. – The journey from Rio de Janeiro to Monte Video is accomplished in three days by the steamers of the Pacific Steam Navigation Company and the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company.

This city, the capital of the Republic of Uruguay, originally occupied a promontory between the River Plate and the bay of which it formed the southern point.

Monte Video, however, has long since overgrown its original boundaries, and now extends for a considerable distance into the interior in an easterly direction, and has gradually crept all along the shores of the bay towards the opposite shore, from which rises to a height of 500ft. the Cerro, or hill, which is surmounted by an old fort and a lighthouse, the latter being visible at a distance of twelve miles.

The city has a most attractive appearance when seen from a vessel entering the port.

Its streets are swept by cool sea breezes, and it enjoys the healthiest climate of any city in South America – which is not saying a great deal.

This city is supplied with gas, by which the streets are well lighted; and there are also companies for supplying electric light and telephonic communication.

The old town covers 2,830 acres; and the total area of the capital, with the suburbs of Union, Paso Molino and Cerro, is 20,000 acres.

The number of houses is about 15,000 more than two-thirds of which are lighted by gas; and the shops are large and well stocked – indeed, many of them would do credit to London or Paris.

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