1895 Print over 100 yrs old St Petersburg Winter Palace (available unframed) x


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Antique print dated 1895.

The page is over 115 years old and in good condition.

In order to enhance and protect the page we have set in within a brown frame with mount.

Frame size 400mm x 370mm. available also in a gold frame, your choice. RtW.45.

Entitled – St. Petersburg. The Winter Palace.

Below the picture an inscription reads:

St. Petersburg. – This immense, four-storied building lies on the left bank of the Neva, on the site of a house which formerly belonged to the chief admiral of Peter the Great. It was erected by Catherine II., in 1769, and was thoroughly restored and re-decorated in 1839. It has a frontage of 455ft., and a depth of 350ft. The chief entrance is from the Neva, and a truly magnificent marble staircase leads direct to the State apartments. On the occasion of a banquet at the Winter Palace, the great hall is converted into a tropical garden by the introduction of hosts of palms, ferns, and exotic flowers from the Imperial conservatories. The Throne Room (St. George’s Hall) is adorned with graceful Corinthian columns, and it measures 160ft. by 140ft. The Treasury is on the third floor. Here are the Crown jewels, including the Imperial sceptre of Russia, which is surmounted by the famous and historical Orloff diamond, of a greenish-yellow hue. This stone weighs 185 carats, and is supposed to have been stolen from the eye of an idol at Seringham by a renegate French soldier, who served in the temple in some menial capacity. But let us, while we have time, visit the gloriously beautiful Cathedral of St. Issac of Dalmatia, and gaze upon the panorama of St. Petersburg from the loftiest of its copper-covered cupolas. The foundations of this edifice measure 364ft. by 315ft. ; and to make them secure a whole forest of piles, 21ft. long, were sunk in trenches, at a cost of £200,000. The entire cost of the cathedral was three and a quarter millions sterling. The great steps in the approach are colossal pieces of Finland aregranite. The great portals are of carved bronze.columns, 60ft. high, and weighing 128 tons each; the Corinthian capitals are of bronze. The central cupola has a diameter of 66ft., and a height of 296ft. (Byzantine proportions). Sheets of copper, gilded with 2cwt. of virgin gold, cover the cupolas; and the golden cross is 336ft. from the ground. One hundred and eight pounds of gold was used in the interior decorations. Inside, too, are pillars of malachite and lapis lazuli, which cost £6,000 each. Look down now on the splendid city, seemingly half buried in water. Watch towers, fortresses, and floating bridges meet the eye. The great square in front of the Admiralty, 1,350ft. long and 630ft. wide, appears to be the centre of St. Petersburg. One notices also the marble Smolni Cathedral, with its five blue domes; the vast Taurida Palace; the Monastery of Alexander Nevski, with its churches, gardens, and towers, and its cathedral, which contains 3,250 lb. of pure silver. There is the Preobrajenski Cathedral in Panteleimon Street; the Holy Trinity Cathedral, near the Warsaw Railway Station; the Kazan Cathedral, so like St. Peter’s at Rome; the Synod and the Senate; the Anitchkoff Palace; the famous equestrian statue of the Great Peter, and also his cottage on the Neva; the Hermitage Museum, 212ft. long and 375ft. wide; and lastly, the sombre fortress-cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, where lies buried every Tsar of Holy Russia since Peter the Great, excepting only Peter II., who died and was buried at Moscow.


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Each page is original and not a photocopy.

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