Bees Ants Flies Insects Bug pages over 80 years old also available unframed


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Old pages which are over 80 years old. CE.5714

To enhance and protect the page we have set them in a brown frame and mount.

The frame has an overall size of 450mm x 355mm.
Also available with a gold frame option, your choice.

Entitled: Left Page Some of Nature’s Insect Children

Right Page Dragon-Flies, Bees, Ants, and Flies

Seventy-six types, all numbered and named with their English and Latin names.

English names:

Right page
Dragon-Flies, Bees, Ants, and Flies (1) Meat-Fly (2) Ox-eyed astata (3) Drone-Fly (4) Fiery-starred syrphus (5) Cow-dung fly (6) Pale Bishop’s Mitre (7) Crane- Fly (8) Trogos ichneumon-fly (9) Fiery ruby-tailed fly (10) Girdled tenthredo (11) House-fly (12) Croesus saw-fly (13) Solid ichneumon-fly (14) Turnip saw-fly (15) Horse-fly (16) Broad tachnia (17) Field mellinus (18) Feathered volucella (19) Giant-tailed wasp (20) Tawny digger (21) Great gadfly or Cleg (22) Sand cerceris (23) Norwegian saw-fly (24) Scarlet hopper (25) Hairy Dasypoda bee (26) Stone humble-bee (27) Fly-bug (28) Orange-coloured saw-fly (29) Garden saw-fly (30) Four-spot crabro (31) Apathus (32) Hive Bee (33) Solitary Ant (34) German hornet-fly (35) Hairy- Bodied Saw-Fly (36) Hornet (37) Tree-wasp (38) Wood-ant (39) Rose saw-fly (40) Water-Boatman (41) Eared Hopper (42) Scarlet Bug (43) Ichneumon migrator (44) Common Wasp (45) Rhyssa (46) Water-scorpion (47) Great hornet-fly

In order to display both sides of this single page, we have used within the frame
two of the same pages from two individual books.

English Names Left page
Some of Nature’s Insect Children (1) Ringed club dragon-fly (2) Giant Stone-Fly (3) Red nymph dragon-fly (4) Flat book dragon-fly (5) Bronze club dragon-fly (6) Beautiful maiden dragon-fly (7) Common may-fly (8) Giant dragon-fly (9) Robber dragon-fly (10) Golden osmylus (11) Great green grass-hopper (12) Small caddis-fly (13) Leathery thrips (14) Migratory locust (15) Lacewing-fly (16) German blatella (17) Two-coloured triaenodes (18) Common earwig (19) Senile slender horn (20) Great caddis-fly (21) Grey scaly wing (22) River earwig (23) Little earwig (24) Wood nemobius (25) Sea-green grasshopper (26) Domestic cockroach (27) Mole Cricket (28) Field Cricket (29) House Cricket.

A single page can be purchase unframed for £15.95 inc p&p (UK), or £24.95 for all other destinations.
Or you can purchase two pages for £25.95 inc p&p (UK), or £34.95 for all other destinations.

All our prints and photographs are original, not a copy.
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