Circa 80 years old Butterfly Papilio Ulysses Malay Archipelago Indian Alps Peru


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Antique page which is circa 80 years old. CE.1418

To enhance and protect the page we set it within
a brown frame with mount.
Also available with either a
gold frame or a black frame, your choice.

The frame size is circa 255mm x 330mm.

 Entitled: Foreign Butterflies & Moths

(1) Ornithoptera Flavicollis 5.5″ East Indies, (2) Paplio Ulysses 5.5″ Malay Archipelago, (3) Morpho Rhetenor 5.5″ Guiana, (4) Urania Sloanus 3″ Jamaica, (5) Junonia Orithya 2.5″ India, (6) Morpho Deidamia 6″ French Guiana, (7) Dercas Gobrias 2.75″ Sumatra, (8) Ornithoptera Croesus 7″ Amboina, Moluccas, East Indian Archipelago, (9) Morpho Cypris 5.5″ Colombia, (10) Papilio Euchenor 5″ New Guinea, (11) Catagramma Excelsissima 2.5″ Peru, (12) Parnassius Apollo 3″ Apls, Europe, (13) Callithea Depuiseti 2.5″ Peru.

Text to the reverse of the page.

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