Circa 80 years old Flowers of the Stream 2 Yellow Iris Snakes Head Monkey Purple


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Antique page which is circa 80 years old. CE.6130

To enhance and protect the page we set it within
a brown frame with mount.
Also available with either a
gold frame or a black frame, your choice.

The frame size is circa 255mm x 330mm.

 Entitled: Flowers of the Stream 2

1. Yellow Iris,   2. Snake’s Head,   3. Large-Flowered Bittercress
4. Water Avens,   5. Marsh Whorled Mint,   6. Narrow-Leaved Water Parsnip,   7. Purple Loosestrife,   8. Yellow Monkey-Flower
9. Water Plantain,   10. Great Willow Herb,   11. Moneywort
12. Procumbent Marsh-Wort.

Text to the reverse of the page.

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