Circa 80 years old The Galaxy of Stars Universe (also available unframed)


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Antique nursery page which is circa 80 years old. CE.1945

 Set within a brown frame with mount, also available in
either a gold frame or a black frame, your choice.

Entitled: The little dot we live on

Below the picture an inscription reads:

‘Our world is like a speck compared with the whole universe. There are so many stars that to count the stars we see and say that these are all the stars would be as if we were to count all the red-hot horse-shoes in England and say that these are all the horse-shoes. And all the stars are suns! The sun is great enough to give heat to 2,000,000 earths like ours; yet this sun is one of the smaller stars, and millions of greater suns move round and round in space. In this vast universe is what we call the solar system, of which our earth is a part. This picture shows us the solar system and it’s place in the universe, and, though all the distances cannot be properly represented, the picture shows us what a mere speck of the created universe our earth is, and helps us to realise why the mind of man is utterly unable to concieve the grandeur and wonder of creation’

Text to the reverse of the page.

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