Dated 1895 Print over 120 years old Madrid Bull Fight Ring available unframed x


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Antique print dated 1895. The page is over 120 years old and in good condition.

In order to enhance and protect the page we have set it within a brown frame with mount.

Frame size 400mm x 370mm. available also in a gold frame, your choice. RtW.136.

Entitled -Madrid. The Interior of the Bull-Ring.

Below the picture an inscription reads:

Madrid. – Here we have a reproduction from a particularly fine instantaneous photograph, showing the interior of the Bull-Ring, which edifice is situated on the right of the road to the Venta del Espiritu Santo, a prolongation of the Calle Alcala. The building itself, which is reached by cab, tram, and omnibus from the Puerta del Sol, is an imposing mass of brickwork in the Hispano-Moresque style, and it cost £80,000; the ring will seat 12,000 persons, and was opened on September 4th, 1874. The bull-fights at Madrid are, as one might expect, the best in Spain, chiefly on account of the high salaries paid to professionals who excel in the national sport. The bulls for this ring are bred in the pastures of the Jarama, and the season lasts from Easter to the dog-days. When the ring is closed rehearsals take place; that is to say, there are sham fights for the training of novices, who only attack animals whose horns have been tipped. The performance generally begins at 4.30 p.m. and lasts two or three hours. That bull-fights are an expensive form of sport will be seen from the fact that each performance in an important Spanish city costs between £300 and £400. The Spaniard is born with a hostility to bulls; the very children in the streets play at toro, while their fathers will go out of the way to assault and infuriate any bull in their vicinity. The bull-fight is a tragedy in three acts, and lasts about twenty minutes; at each “funcion” six or eight bulls are killed. Woe to the spiritless animal who deprives the populace of their money’s worth in sensational spectacle; such a bull is not merely greeted with shrieks of execration, but he is soundly beaten as he passes the tablas by a whole forest of sticks, one of which every self-respecting Spaniard brings with him for this purpose.

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Each page is original and not a photocopy.

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