Over 100 years old Mission of San Juan California


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Antique photograph from a book, circa 1892.

To enhance and protect the page we have commissioned in a bespoke frame and mount.

The frame has an overall size of 370mm x 400mm. Also available with a Gold frame option, your choice.


Beneath the photograph an inscription reads: Ever since the command was given, “Go
ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature, there have never been
wanting faithful and heroic followers of Christ who have left home, kindred, luxuries
and comforts, and have risked their lives unhesitatingly for the salvation of their fellow-
men.  The history of Catholic Missions among the Indians of California is a very interesting
one.  If properly described, it would prove as exciting as a romance.  The theme has been
occasionally touched upon in fiction, and never more gracefully and effectively than the
novel called “Ramona,” ‘H.H.’  One of these Californian Mission Stations is that of San
Juan, outlined in this illustration.  It was founded in 1776 in a lovely spot, commanding a
charming vista of the blue sea dotted here and there with snowy sails.  It was once very
prosperous and influential.  Some of the Fathers cultivated the vine here with great
success. The Indian converts, too, connected with this mission, had an excellent
reputation for sincerity and good conduct.  At the death of its founder it numbered 470
Christians, and afterwards the number increased so rapidly that in three months there
were more natives baptized than during the three previous years.  But now San Juan
is in a dilapidated condition, and like so many other missions in the United States,
its glory has departed with the departure of the Indians themselves.  There still remains
here, however, the ruins of an immense and handsome church, which was destroyed by
an earthquake in 1812, when many Indians were buried in its fall.

Page size circa 250mm x 280mm

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