Over 100 years old Steam Vessels Maritime Tonnage


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Wonderful old Print & Diagram, over 100 years old and in
 good condition. AG.30

Set in a gold frame with mount. Also available in either a brown frame or a black frame, your choice.

Frame size circa 355mm x 490mm

Entitled – Relative Values and Comparisons – 5. The Merchant Shipping of the World

The top diagrams show Comparative tonnage of the steam vessels of the principal
maritime countries.  The diagram just below shows the comparative tonnage of the
sailing vessels of the principal maritime countries.

Middle text giving more information on The Progress of Shipping.

Bottom pictures show: (1) The Suez Canal Traffic, (2) The shipping of the British Empire
compared with the World’s shipping, and (3) The earning capacity of the shipping of the
principal maritime countries.

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