Over 100 years old The Forum, Pompeii


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Antique photograph from a book, circa 1892.

To enhance and protect the page we have commissioned in a bespoke frame and mount.

The frame has an overall size of 370mm x 400mm. Also available with a Gold frame option, your choice.


Beneath the photograph an inscription reads: Notwithstanding all that we may have
read about Pompeii, to walk among its excavated streets and temples is an unique
and never-to-be-forgotten experience, surpassing all one’s anticipations.  For here
beneath the awful mount, which still holds high its smoking torch, lies an ancient
Roman city, partially ruined, it is true, but so protected from the Goths and Vandals
by its very lava shroud, that now in looking on its streets and buildings we can
imagine them re-peopled, and realize how life went on beneath this same blue sky
when Jesus walked in Galilee.  Here are frescoes undimmed by the fatal touch of
time.  Here have been found scores of dead bodies and gems which fell from the
trembling hands of those who fled in terror.  The walls, though roofless, are still
standing firmly.  The columns have not lost their colour. This Forum of Pompeii had
not been quite completed when the destruction of the city came, and these, its
numerous pedestals for statues, were for the most part unoccupied when the
deadly ashes fell, to wrap them in a winding sheet, which only in this nineteenth
century has been removed.  Pompeii was a favourite summer-resort of wealthy
Romans. Cicero had a villa there and was very fond of the place.  The fatal
catastrophe occurred on the 24th of August, A.D.79, when Pompeii was buried in
showers of ashes and red-hot pumice stones to a depth of twenty feet.  Much more
of the city still remains to be excavated.  The Government allows Two thousand five
hundred pounds a year for the work to go on.

Page size circa 250mm x 280mm

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