Over 80 years old There's nothing like a Daddie


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Antique nursery print which is over 80 years old. CE.4858

To enhance and protect the page we have set the page
within a bespoke frame and mount.

The frame has an overall size of 260mm x 330mm, also available with a gold frame option, your choice.

Entitled: There’s nothing like a Daddie

The verse reads:

‘I do not want a puppy dog, although I know they’re nice,
For my papa can romp with me in ways that quite suffice.
He’ll bark just like a St. Bernard, and like a mastiff growl,
And you would feel like laughing when he imitates its howl.

I do not want a pussy-cat.  I like cats pretty well,
But daddie beats them all, and plays better than I can tell.
He’ll purr and siss like anything; his mewing you should hear;
It makes more noise than any cat, and, oh, I shake with fear!

I do not want a pony small. Of course they’re lots of fun,
But what’s the use of ponies whenyou’re my dear daddie’s son?
He takes me on his shoulders broad, or puts me on his knees,
And sets me off a galloping as madly as you please.

In short, I don’t want anything as long as daddie’s here,
He’s pretty much of everything, and don’t get out of gear.
And best of all things boys have, I’m sure you’ll find it true,
There’s nothing like a daddie who will always play with you!

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