Print circa 100 years old Armour Norman Knight Battle also available unframed


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Old print rescued from a book with collapsed binding. The page is circa 100 years old and in good condition. HUE.608

Set within a brown frame and mount. Also available in either a gold frame or a black frame, your choice.

Frame size approx 255mm x 330mm

Entitled – Armour as worn by fighting men, horse and foot, during six centuries

1. Norman Knight and archers of the period of the
Battle of Hastings 1066

2. Richard I, King of England, 1191, showing the type of armour worn by the Crusaders

3. Archer and cross-bow man, 1250

4. Spearman, man-at-arms and slinger, 1250

5. Soldier and knight, 1295

6. Knight equipped a la haute barde, both horse and man in full plate armour, 1512

7. Knight of 1384

8. Knight of 1420

9. Cross-bow men of 1425

10. Cross-bow man and his paviser (shield-bearer) 1433

11. Knight of 1315

12. Group of soldiers of 1554

13. Officer of pikemen 1616

Text to the reverse of the page.

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