Print circa 100 years old Types of Caterpillars also available unframed


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Old print rescued from a book with collapsed binding. The page is circa 100 years old and in good condition. HE.1224

Set in a brown frame with mount. Also available in either
a gold frame or a black frame, your choice.

Frame size circa 255mm x 330mm

Entitled: Types of Caterpillars.

1. Papilio Machaon

2. Polyommatus Adonis

3. Thanaos tages

4. Hipparchia semele

5. Odonestis potatoria

6. Callimorpha Jacobeae

7. Deilephila euphorbiae

8. Acherontia atropos

9. Acronycta Psi

10. Cossus Ligniperda

11. Trochilium sphegiformis

12. Vanessa Io

13. Argynnis adippe

14. Polyommatus alsus

15. Thecla betulae

16. Abraxas grossulariata

17. Cerura vinula

18. Ouraptery sambucata

Text to the reverse of the page.

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