Print circa 100 yrs old Patrick Henry taxation speech (also available unframed)


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Old print rescued from a book with collapsed binding. The page is circa 80 years old and in good condition. HHW.6070

Set within a bespoke frame and ivory mount, also available
with a gold frame, your choice.

Frame size approx 255mm x 330mm

Entitled: Britain’s taxation of her colonies – Patrick Henry’s famous speech of protest. 

 The passing of the Stamp Act by the British Parliament gave rise to much opposition in the American colonies, contravening, as it did, the recognised principle that taxation should only be by assent of representatives, and showing that the Mother Country claimed to legislate for the colonies to her own advantage and to their disadvantage without consulting the people of the colonies.  The above illustration shows the ardent orator, Patrick Henry, making his famous speech, in which he denied the right of Britain’s taxation, before the Housew of Burgesses, in May, 1675.

Text to the reverse of the page.

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