Print circa 80 years old A Swarm of Flies Fly Mosquito also available unframed


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Antique print which is over 80 years old. CE.6082.

To enhance and protect the page we set it within a brown frame and mount.

The print is available without framing at £9.95 inc p&p (UK)

The frame has an overall size of 260mm x 330mm. Also available with a gold frame option, your choice.

Entitled: A Swarm of Flies

(1) Warble-Fly,  (2) Hessian-Fly,  (3) The Sheep Ked, a wingless fly,  (4) An Egg Raft of the
common Grey Gnat,  (5) Bluebottle-Fly,  (6) Girdled Drone-Fly,  (7) Noontide-Fly,  (8) The
Hover-Fly Grub,  (9) The Fly,  (10) A Hover-Fly just emerged from its Chrysalis,  (11) Horse
Bot-Fly,  (12) Spotted Mosquitto Chrysalis,  (12) Nasal Bot-Fly.

The pictures on this page are by Mrs M. H. Crawford, Messrs, Ward, and others. 

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photographs are original, not a copy.

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