Print circa 80 years old The Ostrich fast as racehorse also available unframed


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Antique print which is over 80 years old. CE.1427

To enhance and protect the page we have set it within a brown frame and mount.

The print is available without framing at £9.95 inc p&p (UK), £13.45 for all other destinations.

The frame has an overall size of 260mm x 330mm. Also available with a gold frame option, your choice.

Entitled: The Ostrich, which can race a horse:

Ostriches gained their present shape when there were no enemies from which they could not
escape by running.  They never learned to fly.  They  can run faster than a horse; but their wings
are small, and serve only to balance the body as they race over the ground.  The ostrich has at
the end of its wing-bones two slender claws, which are believed to be remnants of front limbs
which its ancestors had when it existed as a four-legged animal.

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