Print dated 100 yrs old Typical Forms of Cloud also available unframed


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Antique print which is over 100 years old. HE.3.1441

To enhance and protect the page we have set it within a
brown frame with mount.
Also available with either a
gold frame or a black frame, your choice.

The plate is available without framing at £10.95 inc p&p (UK), or £14.45 for all other destinations. Just send us your request and we will relist the item as unframed.

The frame size is circa 255mm x 330mm. 

Entitled: Typical Forms of Clouds.

1. Cirrus,  2. Cirro-stratus,  3. Cirro-cumulus
4. Alto-cumulus,  5. Alto-stratus

6. Strato-cumulus,  7. Nimbus,  8. Cumulus
9. Cumulo-nimbus, 10. Stratus.

Photos by A. W. Clayden, Esq.

Text to the reverse of the page.

All our prints and photographs are original, not a copy.

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