Print over 100 years old Prehistoric Extinct Ages also available unframed


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Old print rescued from a book with collapsed binding. The page is over 100 years old and in good condition. SE.2068.2064

Set within a brown frame with mount, also available with either
a gold frame or a black frame, your choice.

Frame size circa 255mm x 330mm

Entitled – Extinct Monsters of Earlier Ages

1. Dinosaurian Reptile from Upper Jurassic of Wyoming
(Diplodocus Carnegii)

2. Great toothless flying Reptile (Pteranodon Occidentalis)

3. Fish Reptile (Ichthyosaurus Intermedius)

4. Prehistoric Elephant (Mastodon Americanus)

5. Giant Ground Sloth (Megatherium Americanum)

6. Turtle Reptile (Plesiosaurus Cramptoni)

The plate can be purchased unframed for £10.95 including p&p (UK) or £14.45 for all other destinations. Please send us your request and we will relist the item without the frame.

 If you buy an item and then see it relisted this is because we occasionally have more than one available, each page is original and not a photocopy.

If you are buying as a gift we now offer a personalised inscription service by way of another window within the bottom part of the mount. To accommodate this we use a larger frame and mount.

To view a sample inscription please enter our shop and place the word inscription in our search box.

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