Print over 125 years old Antelopes Gnu Whitefooted (available also unframed)


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Beautiful old print on quality paper, printed on one side only. The plate is over 125 years old and in very good condition. NE.1a

Set within a bespoke frame and ivory mount, also available
with a gold frame, your choice.

Frame size approx 250mm x 330mm

Entitled: Antelopes.

1. A Gnu Gnou Antelope & 2. A Pygmoea Royal Antelope.

3. A Picta Whitefooted Antelope.

The plate can be purchased unframed for £14.95 including p&p (UK) or £15.95 for all other destinations. Just send us your request and we will relist the item as unframed.

 If you buy an item and then see it relisted this is because we occasionally have more than one available, each page is
original and not a photocopy.

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