Print over 80 yrs old British Fish Fishes 4


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Old page which is over 80 years old and in good condition. CE.5100

Set in a brown frame with mount. Also available in either
a gold frame or a black frame, your choice.

Frame size circa 255mm x 330mm

Entitled: Fishes of our British Seas 4.

(53) Blue Shark, (54) Herring, (55) Sprat, (56) Black Sea-Bream, (57) Piper, (58) Fifteen-Spined Stickleback,
(59) Garfish, (60) Greater Forkbeard, (61) Cod, (62) Cuckoo Wrass, (63) Pollack, (64) Greater Pipefish, (65) Flounder,
(66) Sunfish, (67) Brill, (68) Sea-Horse, (69) Yellow Skulpin, (70) Fox Shark, (71) Scad

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original and not a photocopy.

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