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Old page which is over 80 years old and in good condition. CE.2045

Set in a brown frame with mount. Also available in either
a gold frame or a black frame, your choice.

Frame size circa 255mm x 330mm

Entitled: Flowers and their visitors.

There is a wonderful partnership between plants and insects, the flowers supplying the insects with food, and the insects carrying the pollen from plant to plant to fertilise the ovaries and produce seeds.  In these pictures some examples of how plants and insects
work together are given.

 Top picture
Here is a honeysuckle with a humming-bird hawk moth approaching it, attracted by the scent.  The tubes of the flower are half full of nectar, and to reach this the moth puts out its long tongue.

 Middle picture
This is a young honeysuckle flower with the stamens erect and the pistils depressed.  One corolla or tube is shown in section, and we see the moth sucking nectar with its long tongue, while the head and wings are being dusted with pollen from the anthers.  As the moth flutters it shakes the pollen on to its body.

 Bottom picture
In this picture we have an older flower with the pistils erect and the stamens depressed.  As the moth sips the nectar the pollen from another plant is dusted on to the pistils, where it fertilises the ovules and produces seeds.  As the flower matures the corolla, or tube, curls back from the pistils and stamens.

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