Vinous Throated Parrotbill Suthora Webbiana Reproduction Photograph available framed


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The vinous-throated parrotbill is a species of parrotbill in the family Sylviidae; formerly, it was placed in the closely related Timaliidae. It is found in China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Russia, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests.  Birds.3. 296
The original is dated between 1850-1873. Author – John Gould and W Hart

Please note: The item you will receive will be a High Resolution Quality reproduction of the original. The listing picture is low resolution and doesn’t depict the colours in their true vibrant appearance.

Available in various sizes, and either photographic form on either gloss or matt paper, or on canvas.

Photographs are generally posted out within 24 hours. Canvas prints are 4-7 days.

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